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You have a brilliant singing voice but you lack the songs? You have tons of lyrics but no chance to get them heared. Let´s get in touch and produce some tracks together and get it published.

Production Music

Do you want to license affordable production music for your projects? See where to find my portfolio in the web.

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Musical Collaboration

Musical Cooperation

I really like to make music and produce songs together with interesting talents. Most of the time I have a melody in my mind and then I look for an expressive voice. Sure, you can shop for freelancers. But it's another story to work with enthusiastic musicians who want to create something of their own. So feel free to contact me if you´re interested.

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I never sit down to write. When I'm moved, I do it. I just wait for it to come. You just hear it. I can't really describe writing. It's in my head. I don't think about the styles. I write whatever comes out and I use whatever kind of instrumentation that works for those songs.

No Financial Interest

As a pure hobby musician, a creative individual output is more important to me than a commercial success. Of course I release my productions on the well known streaming platforms, but I am not a music marketing expert or have the possibilities or budget of a record company. It's not that important to me. It happens when it's supposed to happen. And if it doesn't, at least I had fun. If you share the same ideas I´d be happy to work with you.

How it works

Please send me links where I can listen to your work. I don´t care about quality of the recordings. I listen to the voice.

If I see a match with one of my songs I will send you a demo with some dummy lyrics so we can check wether the tone scale fits your singing voice. Or I´ll  write a new song.

Record a vocal demo track on your digital audio workstation and send it back to me. I do a rough mix and share it with you.

When we are both happy with our work we should agree in a fair share of rights in between us when it maybe comes to a future song monetization.

Now we can take care for finishing the production. I will send you the song playback plus the lyrics and you record a clean vocal track without any effect on it. You send me the single vocal track and I will mix it into the song. I will send you the final result for approval.

When we are happy with the result I will care for publishing it worldwide and provide you with all news around it plus sales reports.

The most important thing is a catchy voice. It's not always about being a perfect singer. Sure, you should be able to hold the melody, but the magic of it all happens in the ears and eyes of the audience as a result of many different influencing factors.

Production Music

Production Music

Nowadays, it's child's play to have an entire orchestra ready at the touch of a button. Virtual simulations of real instruments are becoming more and more convincing. However, you should do the composing and recording yourself. Although I can't read or write music, it actually works quite well. Have a listen.

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Orchestral Demos

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In Motion

Find my music in motion. Nothing special. Home produced or ordered at a freelancer.

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For licencing

Worldwide digital distribution on Amazon Music, Deezer, Spotify, TicToc, Tidal and others. When I´m lucky some songs get licenced for film, TV, radio, advertising and more.

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Most of my songs have been created with the help of my digital audio workstation. Thanks to a huge virtual instrument library I can simluate almost every instrument no matter if it is an analog or digital one. 

The following song was completely produced digital. Only the vocals have been recorded by a young talented female singer.


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